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Q: I have gouty arthritis... I live with pain all of the time in all of my joints. My uric acid level is VERY high, will the Goutcure bring down my uric acid level?

A: While the uric acid liquefied level may not lower, the crystals in the joint will dissolve and you will be free from the pain in the joints. The key here is liquefied! Your count would be many times higher than it is right now if the uric acid was not crystallized in your joints. The crystallized uric acid does not show up in your count because it is not in a liquid state in your blood supply. The more it crystallizes, the lower your level becomes, and of course the more it crystallizes, the more pain you have to live with. Our herbal blend will indeed rid your body of excess uric acid and stop it from crystallizing. Your readings may or may not go down, but your pain from the crystallized uric acid will be gone.

Q: What herbs are in this product?

A: The herbs in Gout cure are 100% all natural and consist of the following: Artichoke, Saponins from Yucca root, Aged-odorless Garlic, Tumeric, and Certified 80% Silymarin from Milk Thistle.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: The herbs in Gout cure are beneficial to all walks of life whether you suffer with Gout or not. They cleanse the blood, kidneys, the liver, and lower the bad LDL cholesterol. Less than 1/2 of 1% experience any side effects at all and the only side effect experienced has in that small percentage has been an upset stomach. We recommend that if you experience this to take all three doses at night before bed at least two hours after eating.

Q: Do I have to take Gout cure forever?

A: This depends on your diet, how many attacks per year, alcohol intake, weight, etc. There are so many factors involved with the onset of a Gout attack and involves the avoidance of so many foods of lifestyles that we recommend the daily intake of the Gout cure herbs to insure a Gout free life.

Q: Can I remain Gout free without these herbs?

A: Yes, with a very strict diet, no alcohol consumption, and maintaining a proper weight for you.

Q: What foods should I avoid to stay Gout free if I choose not to take your preventive herbal blend?

A: Maintain a diet of low purines at all times. Eat no meat of any kind, especially organ meats (Hot dogs, bologna, ect.) Consume no alcohol. Do not eat any fried foods, roasted nuts, or any foods containing of cooked with oil that has been subjected to heat. Avoid rich foods such as cakes and pies. Leave white flour and sugar products out of your diet. Avoid the amino acid glycine. Limit your intake of caffeine, cauliflower, dried beans, lentils, fish, eggs, oatmeal, peas, poultry, spinach, and yeast products. If you are overweight, lose excessive pounds but avoid crash diets because they will bring on an attack as well.

Q: Why does my doctor know nothing about this medicine?

A: It is not your doctor's fault but all of the medical training was taught on how to repair and diagnose problems but not how to prevent. Preventive care is in its infancy and unless your doctor is schooled as an herbalist (Homeopathic) or as a nutritionalist, then he will not be familiar with all natural herbal remedies.

Q: Colchicine and Allopurinol are working for me so why should I take Gout cure?

A: While the synthetic drugs do work, many people experience a reduction in effectiveness over a period of time. This is due to the fact that they are synthetic drugs and your body has a much harder time recognizing them and therefore are often riddled with side effects. When given the option between natural and synthetic- Vote Natural Everytime!!

Q: I have had a kidney transplant, can I take Gout cure?

A: Generally yes because all of the herbs in Gout cure are good for kidney function. We have quite a few clients under these same circumstances using the product but each individual should consult their physician for monitoring purposes.

Q: I take high blood pressure medicine, can I take the Gout cure?

A: Yes, we have quite a few customers in this same situation as well. Adequate intake of water is a necessity, AT LEAST the daily required amount ( eight glasses a day) is mandatory. Again please consult your physician for monitoring purposes.

Q: I am currently taking Allopurinol, do I keep taking this medicine along with the Gout cure.

A: We recommend that you continue your medicine for another week when starting the Gout cure to allow the herbs to rid your body of the toxins that have been building up in your system and to give your system time to ajust to the new natural herbs and not the synthetics.

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